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3 Strategies for Optimising Time Management

Productivity is not getting everything done all at once. Productivity is getting things done with the least amount of energy wasted.

Some people believe that doing everything at once is productive, a little insight into my life I thought the same thing. Through trial and error, I found this not to be the case.

Spinning lots of plates at the same time means that one will eventually fall and the plate is cracked.

So, why should we listen to you? You shouldn't you should test it and feedback...

If you are always overwhelmed, everything is getting on top of you, and you are constantly overthinking and underachieving; try these three things:

Tip #1 - Prioritise tasks based on importance and urgency to ensure you are focusing on the most critical activities.

Do this by using the Ivy Lee method. Write down everything in your head, everything that you need to do.

Prioritise them. Tasks cannot be 'equally important'.

Not that they are in order of most important to least important, you have no excuse to switch.

Complete the most important task.

Move on to the next one.

Tip #2 - Use time blocking to allocate dedicated time slots for specific tasks or activities.

There is nothing better for a sense of urgency than a deadline.

Your deadline is set by yourself.

Set out the task; write 1000 words, read 50 pages of this books, read all these e-mails etc.

Set your timer. You need to be realistic here on how long it will take.

Pro tip, actually buy a timer or use your phone to set a timer.

Make sure you can see it.

Do not move away from that task until the timer goes off.

Tip #3 - Delegate tasks and leverage technology tools to automate repetitive or non-value-added activities.

Pretty much speaks for itself.

Anything that someone is better at or gets paid less then you to do it, give it away.

It won't be perfect.

It's never about perfection, it's about getting it done.

Feedback on good/bad or indifferent and allow that delegate to learn.

You might be a 1% performer but if you are tasked with digging a hole which includes shovelling, scooping dirt, moving dirt & water from the bottom. Do you think you would get it done slower or quicker than delegating this task to 3 others to simultaneously do it?

I rest my case...

Try them, feedback.


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